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Frequently asked questions

Why did Autotask acquire Soonr?
With the rise of File Sharing and Synchronization (FSS) as a key business data management and collaboration tool, Autotask is expanding our offering to better serve the needs of our customers, increasing customer ROI as well as their ability to scale. Data is a core productivity tool for any SMB/SME/enterprise and Soonr provides a tool that is far superior to legacy solutions that combine local file servers and storage appliances stitched together with intranets and accessed by VPN. With Soonr, Autotask now provides an FSS solution built for business with better security, flexibility, productivity and collaboration.
What does this mean for current Soonr customers?
Soonr customers will experience no interruption to service or support.
It will be business as usual.
I’m interested in reselling Autotask File Sharing and Synchronization (formerly Soonr) how do I get more information?
Please complete this form and we will be in touch with you soon.
Will the acquisition affect third-party integrations or relationships with other File Sharing and Synchronization providers?
Autotask is not interested in restricting access to other providers because we believe our customers should adopt the solutions that are best for them. We will continue to support third-party integrations.
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