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“It's the best file sharing & collaboration service on the web. Much better than Box.”
> Erick Saavedra, Business Support & Logistics, Bmate
“Secure and dependable access to your online files, anywhere and anytime!”
> Hemant Agarwallat, Director, Ardent Advisory
“My marketing team at the IBM Innovation Center works across the globe. Our business involves geographical complexity and functional complexity. I was searching for something that would make collaboration easier for us. We needed a tool that was simple to use to access and share files with our team, around the world, and on all devices and platforms.”
> Jeff Holker, Vice President Business Analytics, IBM Innovation Center
“Easy, but powerful. Handy, but more than simple. Finally, I found a way to carry all my valued documents with me, and can share them with my customers anytime, anywhere.”
> Michael Yu Zhang, DuPont
“Our business focuses on delivering white papers for the purpose of B2B lead generation in the cloud instead of as PDFs. Soonr Workplace helps our company run smoothly. Before Soonr, we were using email to share files. It was really cumbersome to share documents that way, especially large ones. Knowing I have Soonr puts my mind at ease.”
> Gregg Medaglia, Relationship Manager, B2Lead
“We’ve used Soonr Workplace for more than two years.
I save all my files and it allows me to work anywhere.
It’s useful, convenient and secure.”
> Emmi Yoshito, Okayama University
“The annotation function in Soonr Workplace is a fun and intuitive way for students to annotate pictures or documents when sharing on a projector. It’s also a great tool for teachers when drawing on maps for geography and history lessons. Shared PowerPoints are effortlessly projected to the board and students are able to Scribble on their slides as needed.”
> Sergio Rizzi, Technology Mentor, Oak Ridge Elementary School
More than 150,000 business run their business on Soonr. Check out our customer profiles and see why they love Soonr Workplace
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“Soonr Workplace is by far the best solution for efficiently running a business, allowing remote workers to work together and to manage data for clients and suppliers in one place. We couldn't run our business without it!”
> Jo Wood, Documentation & Project Manager, Performance PharmaTech
“Soonr Workplace has unleashed me from my law office. Now I can work from anywhere at any time, and my documents and staff are all in sync. Soonr has literally given me a Workplace wherever my practice and leisure time take me. It’s liberating!”
> Vincent F. Ragosta, Jr., Esq., Attorney, Law Offices of Vincent F. Ragosta, Jr.
On Dropbox...
“It’s straightforward and more secure than Dropbox.”
Sharon Spence
Frame and Spence Consulting LLP
“It's like Dropbox's
sophisticated uncle.”
Crystal Nichols
Bowen Painter & Gorman, LLC
“Secure, fast, and simple to use.”
> Carl Westerby, Stockholm Medicus
“Easy to access, use, and share!”
> Angelina Piazza, County of Lancaster
“Soonr Workplace is a wonderful collaboration tool for file sharing between architects, consultants, developers and owners.”
> Kris Harris, Pearl Hospitality
“Soonr Workplace goes beyond storing and replicating and adds powerful document management & collaboration functions.”
> David Rowe, CRC Data Technologies
“We are dramatically more productive on the road. Files are ready for use from anywhere. It’s just what we needed to keep up with our growing business.”
> Danielle Douthett, Level 10 Construction
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