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File Sync and Share Files

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File Sync

Online. Offline.

Everyone in business today needs to share important files. Soonr makes it easy to sync files to
your Desktop and sync files between computers. You can work online or offline. Once installed,
Soonr creates a folder on your Desktop and copies all your Projects to it. With your Project files
safely stored locally, you can work on them offline, and when you go online again, your files will
automatically be synced. Everyone on your Team will be notified when a Project has been updated.
Soonr’s file syncing software makes syncing files between computers a breeze. Syncing files and
sharing them has never been so simple.

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Sync files on the go.

Soonr's powerful file synchronization features work on all the major smartphones and tablets.
Our file syncing software assures that changes made by one user are automatically and securely
synced to all the Teams that user belongs to. Admins can easily control access-rights and
permissions. No infrastructure is required. Soonr is cloud-based and supports everything
from a one-man team to large companies. If you want to easily sync files between two
computers or more for your mobile workforce, Soonr is your secure business cloud solution.

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Online. Offline.

We understand security is extremely important for businesses when they want to sync and
share files online and are looking to the cloud for solutions. We continue to add more layers
of security, for example, our data-centers are SAS-70 compliant and we are trusted to store
healthcare information. To securely sync folders between computers choosing a secure cloud
for your business is paramount. Today, Soonr is trusted by more than 150,000 businesses worldwide.

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Customer Success Stories

More than 150,000 Businesses use Soonr

Soonr powers my business leadership coaching and development
company by providing a service that helps us collaborate within the
team and with our clients. What I love most about Soonr is that it’s
so easy to use. I simply save documents and have themsynced online
and with my colleagues within seconds, even when I’m away from the
office. It’s much easier and more efficient than sharing links via email.

Soonr helps our eLearning group work together faster. Our team
needs access to lots of assets—documents, graphics and audio—
so cross platform is very helpful for us. We primarily use Soonr for
syncing files, versioning and the public and private links. Our team
finds it easy to use and seamless.

Before Soonr we were using email to share files. It was really
cumbersome to share documents that way, especially large ones.
As a small business I use Soonr to share files with two colleagues
and one contractor in the Ukraine. I really like not having to wait
for other people to access and edit the files and information I need
instantly. Knowing I have secure Soonr backup puts my mind at ease.

Within a few clicks, I can send out a link to my clients and they can
access and view files through that link at any given time. I, and they,
can view our Project on our phones and iPads and not feel tethered
to laptops. Soonr's file syncing software makes information efficient
to access and readily available.