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Welcome to Soonr Enterprise

Make the most out of them.

Tablets will change the way you do business,
provided the solution you have is exceptional.
Whether you’re an IT admin who supports users from headquarters,
a salesperson always on the road, a member of the Marketing Team
or a corporate Executive, the rise of mobile devices in the enterprise
is affecting the way you get business done.

Soonr is a secure cloud solution built for the enterprise with an
emphasis on mobile productivity. Our mission is to make tablets in
business more useful and productive with the ultimate goal of
helping you and your company do more business.

Which of these are you? Choose your role below to see how Soonr
can help you and your business...
Empower your Mobile Salesforce
Sales Teams need to receive and give presentations, quotas and
proposals to prospects in the field. Sales Teams must always have
the most up-to-date content from their Marketing Teams. The right
content must always be at their fingertips.

With Soonr, a salesperson can answer prospect’s questions without
delay, having the freedom to use either their phone or tablet instead
of their laptop. A salesperson can edit a quote and send it to the
client for approval in one meeting, and make the sales cycle shorter.

"We primarily use Soonr for our iPads when making sales calls. We
store PPT presentations, brochures, photos, price lists, orders, etc.
We used to go to the dentist client carrying a trunk full of manuals
and tech docs. Now everything we need is on our iPads. What we like
most about Soonr are the iPad features like editing."

-Robert Rosiak, Sales Director, Sirona Dental
Content Creation Made Easy
The flow of information between a company’s marketing and sales
Teams is integral to doing more business. These marketing assets
need to be continuously updated and sending them via email is not
efficient. With the increased risks of multiple versions in the field,
confusion and inconsistency is especially compounded when
working with multiple Teams, clients or partners.

A Marketing Team using Soonr can easily create or update content,
arm the sales Team in the field with the freshest selling tools to
help them to close transactions in fewer meetings or get the most
updated presentation to the Executives for their upcoming meeting.

“I took photos and recorded a video of a listing in the field with my
phone, and uploaded it via the Soonr app and shared the link. The
entire process took less than 5 minutes. Soonr is my new binder in
the cloud that I can access anywhere.”

-Caroline Huo, Intl. President’s Elite, Coldwell Banker
Your Company at your Fingertips
Executives are constantly giving presentations to board members,
financial analysts, the press or prospects, and need to be in touch
with all departments of their organization to ensure they are armed
with the most updated content.

With Soonr an executive can access, edit or share files from their
iPad and use them in a presentation seamlessly. They can cut down
on preparation time and never worry whether they have the most
recent version of a presentation. As an executive, you’re the face
of your company, and Soonr allows you to access your corporate
information from various groups anywhere, anytime.

“We needed a tool that was simple to use to access and share files
with our team, around the world, and on all devices and platforms.
We choose Soonr because it has a business centric focus.”

-Jeff Holker, Vice President, IBM

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