Secure File Sharing
Secure File Sharing Can’t Wait
Think you can wait to upgrade your organization’s secure file sharing capabilities? Think again. Like it or not, your business faces a constantly evolving series of security threats—many of which are designed to exploit the vulnerabilities associated with transferring files between devices, teams and connections.

In today’s business climate, a single data breach can cripple your operation and leave your brand struggling to regain the trust of customers and partners. To protect the integrity and sustainability of your company, you need a robust, secure file sharing solution designed for business—and you need it now.
Secure File Sharing Made Easy
Soonr Workplace arms your business with the technology to share files safely and confidently. Built to accommodate the rigors of the modern workplace, Soonr delivers true business advantage by equipping your teams with capabilities that far exceed those found in popular consumer apps and anemic business solutions.

Enterprise-grade Security
Soonr allows you to securely manage, organize and share files with internal teams as well as external connections. Supported by 256-bit AES encryption for transmissions and dynamic key rotation for storage, you’ll rest easy knowing that your organization’s file sharing activities are covered by exceptionally robust security mechanisms and certifications.

Safe & Seamless Collaboration
Too often, enhanced file sharing security is achieved at the expense of collaborative features and user convenience. But Soonr enhances your organization’s collaborative synergies by enabling teams and networks around the globe to work with documents in real time—regardless of their device preference and network connection.

Unparalleled Flexibility
With Soonr, your people gain the ability to share and work on all types of business documents and digital content. Spreadsheets, presentations, proposals, expense reports—Soonr gives team members the flexibility to securely manage, modify and share all document types.
True Mobility, Enterprise-grade Security and a Hybrid Model
are just some of the reasons to choose Soonr for your business.
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