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Dedicated, Geo-Redundant Data Center Infrastructure
Built upon a dedicated resilient infrastructure ensuring isolation from unrelated services.
All Soonr service hardware and software in each Data Center is 100% owned, operated and managed by Soonr. Furthermore, Soonr operates two independent geographically dispersed redundant data centers in each region of operation. With the dedicated Data Center approach that Soonr has invested in, nothing operates on any Soonr hardware or software processing or storage platform except the Soonr service. True 100% dedication of the Soonr service therefore eliminates the possibility of experiencing any service interruption, performance degradation or malware infection that might otherwise be caused by adjacent applications. Combined with multi-level regional and Data Center redundancy, which protects against regional outages and disasters, the Soonr infrastructure represents one of the most secure, reliable and available cloud service architectures available today.
Compliances and Certifications
Soonr is certified against SSAE 16 / SAS 70 and ISAE 3402 trust principles for service security and availability, thus providing assurances regarding adequate oversight over the controls utilized in the processing of information. Soonr is audited according to SOC2 type 2 principles, and maintains a current audit report for review by prospective customers and partners. In this manner, the Soonr infrastructure can serve as a foundation upon which end-customers can build their compliant data processing and storage policies and practices for even the most demanding industries.

Furthermore, Soonr is 100% compliant with all Security Rules specified in the Technical Safeguards, Administrative Safeguards and Physical Safeguards from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. In addition, Soonr engages with health care provider customers as a HIPAA Business Associate through BAA agreements.

Soonr follows the Safe Harbor Principles published by the United States Department of Commerce with respect to the transfer of personal data from the European Union to the United States of America.
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Ongoing Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Penetration Testing
Multi-faceted traffic regulation, monitoring, and risk assessment protects against dynamic threats.
Soonr’s multi-faceted approach to risk assessment, service monitoring and penetration testing ensures that potential security risks are proactively identified and actively evaluated on an ongoing basis. By utilizing 3rd party services for some of the analysis and testing phases, Soonr ensures a more thorough and independent evaluation of potential security risks. Soonr incorporates ongoing penetration testing of Web, Agent and APIs as well as Daily Hacker Safe updates.

Built upon the secure foundation described above, Soonr also implements a variety of independent strategies intended to continuously guard against, monitor, and assess potential security risks. All Soonr application servers are protected with OS security modules that apply Discretionary Access Control and Mandatory Access Control policies to all server processes, thus ensuring that no software process can be gainfully subverted.
Comprehensive and Integrated AAA with RBAC and 2FA
Multi-faceted traffic regulation, monitoring, and risk assessment protects against dynamic threats.
Enterprise-class account management and authentication for users and groups is supported within Soonr through the Active Directory (AD) Integration feature, which is available as part of the Enterprise plan. This feature enables IT personnel to import user and group account metadata from Active Directory into Soonr, and to force all Soonr user authentication through Active Directory. AD can be used in lieu of, or in addition to, the internal Soonr AAA database, and Soonr also supports various SSO mechanisms. Combined with Role-Based Access Control for Super Admins, Admins, Members and Connections, and with the added security of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Soonr provides one of the most complete, secure, and flexible authentication architectures available.
Essential Mobile Device Management
Integrated data loss prevention for comprehensive mobile device security.
Soonr mitigates the potential for data loss on mobile devices through the implementation of a comprehensive set of "Essential MDM" features. Administrative device approval and a flexible set of automatic wipe triggers combine to ensure that only authorized devices can connect to the Soonr service, and that company files will be securely wiped under appropriate circumstances. Furthermore, even under normal use conditions, administrators can apply Group-based Modile Device Access and Usage Policies, which can place restrictions on user access and movement of company data. This can include enhanced user authentication policies, restrictions on exporting company data and others.
Advanced Reporting for IT
Extensive auditing and reporting capabilities to ensure compliance with company policies.
Beyond privacy-oriented security features such as encryption, access policies and account management, Soonr implements a set of advanced reporting capabilities that are specifically designed to support auditing for compliance with company policies. These advanced reporting features, which are available as part of the Enterprise plan, enable Admins to generate and export custom reports in order to establish audit trails and analytics on a great variety of different events. All user accesses to the service are logged, and can be incorporated into custom reports. Information such as the user name, date and time, source IP address, type of user operation and the identity of the affected files or target resources can be included in custom reports.
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