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Desktop Computer Support
Desktop Support

Win XP, Vista, 7.x and 8.x (latest SPs), Win Server 2003 & 2008, Mac OSX 10.5 and later.

Linux computers with 32 bit runtime support and a 32 bit shared object library for sqlite3.

Windows and Linux installations typically require 500MB free HD plus size of largest file to be backed up, 256MB free memory.

Mac OSX 10.4 Note: Ongoing maintenance will end for Mac OSX 10.4 users with the release of new Soonr Mac Desktop Agent Version 4.1 (by end of September 2012). Sync is not supported. Last official Soonr Mac Desktop agent for OSX 10.4 will be Version 4.0.n.

Mac OSX 10.5 limitations: Desktop integration not available on Agent Version 4.1.

Browser Support

IE 7 and later, Firefox 3.0 and later, Safari 3.0 and later, Chrome 2.0 and later.

IE limitations: Drag & Drop of files into IE browsers is not supported.


Windows and Mac desktop agents support language localization and are installed in the same default language used for the operating system. English, German, Italian, and French are currently supported.

Lost Computer Management

Lost, stolen, or failed computers can be removed from backup and sync plans eliminating the possibly of data leakage to unintended recipients.

Windows System Service

Available in the Soonr PRO and Enterprise Plans. The Soonr Windows Desktop Agent may be configured to run as a System Service. The most common use case for running Soonr as a System Service is on a file server. In a Windows server environment, running the Soonr Agent as a Windows System Service is much more desirable where the sync and backup processes start automatically whenever the server boots up, rather than a user logging in.

When a Windows Desktop Agent is being used as an Access Agent for Active Directory, it should also be configured to run as a Windows System Service so that the process can start when the host server is booted up (the Soonr AD Access Agent is installed inside the firewall with IP reachability to the AD server and also connects to the Soonr service through SSL. The Access Agent supports importing AD users and Groups into Soonr and functions as a proxy for user credentials at login).

Offline Computer Access

Work can continue on Project files and folders when the computer is off line or has limited connectivity such as while traveling or guest access is not allowed due to corporate policies. All Project files in the "Soonr Workplace" (or the Blue Folder) are stored locally and can be accessed and edited using native applications. Once connectivity is restored, any changes are synched with the cloud, propagated to other team members, and change notifications are sent via SMS and/or email to designated recipients.

Agent Ports and Service IP Addresses

The Soonr agent attempts to connect on ports 80, 443 or 4833 to open an SSL socket to the Soonr servers. For web access on vip.soonr.com and eu.soonr.com, ports 80 and 443 are used.

Soonr server IP addresses are (eu.soonr.com) and (vip.soonr.com)

The agents use the following IP Addresses: (client.vip-eu.soonr.com) (client2a.vip-eu.soonr.com) (client2b.vip-eu.soonr.com) (client4a.vip-eu.soonr.com) (client4b.vip-eu.soonr.com) -> client.vip.soonr.com

Mobile Device Support
Commercially Available Clients

iPhone/iPad OS 3.1 or later, Android 2.0 and later, BB Touch OS 5.0 and later, WebOS (all versions), others with WebKit browsers.

Native Mobile Client Support

Enable workers to be productive anywhere, anytime, on any device. No more emailing files or links or trying to download documents to small form factor mobile devices with limited or expensive connectivity. Support for the most popular platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablets, Windows Phone, Blackberry Touch and Samsung Bada. Users can view, share, edit, and create content from smartphones and tablets easily and securely, boost mobile workforce productivity. Content is viewed directly in the Soonr app without download or other 3rd party software.


iOS and Android mobile apps support language localization using a language selection button. English, German, Italian, and French are currently supported.

Lost Device Management

Lost, stolen, or failed mobile devices can be removed from backup and sync plans (if supported) eliminating the possibly of data leakage to unintended recipients.

Offline Device Access

Work can continue on Project files and folders when the mobile device is off line or has limited connectivity such as while traveling or guest access is not allowed due to corporate policies. Files marked as a Favorite (either from the web UI or the Soonr Mobile App) are stored locally on your mobile device.

Available in Q4 2013: Project file sync is supported on iOS and Android based mobile devices. Projects, folders, or files that are added to the "Soonr" (or the Blue Folder) are stored locally and can be accessed and edited using 3rd party or native applications. MS Office documents can be edited using Soonr's built-in edit utilities on the iPAD without any 3rd party applications. Once connectivity is restored, any changes are synched with the cloud, propagated to other team members, and change notifications are sent via SMS and/or email to designated recipients.

Built-in Microsoft Office Editor

Soonr Workplace for iOS and Android allows editing of Microsoft Office (including Office 2010) file types including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. New Office documents, Text Documents, and PDF Documents can also be created on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Soonr Workplace for iOS and Android also allows the creation of Soonr Scribble PDF documents for note taking.

Scribble Annotation

Powerful mobile application that lets users on Android and iOS smartphones or tablets to annotate any supported file type that is rendered in PDF and save or send the annotations to Team members for further action or comments. Does not require any 3rd party applications on mobile device.

Soonr Scribble is available as a download from iTunes for iOS devices, and Google Play for Android devices. Soonr Scribble is included in Soonr Workplace mobile apps for iOS and Android beginning with Version 3.7 or later.

Soonr Scribble also supports the Samsung S Pen API that allows pressure sensitive drawing on Android and iPad devices respectively.

Current version of Scribble supports the following file types:
Microsoft Word (doc, docm, dot, dotx, docx)
Microsoft Excel (xlc, xls, xlsb, xlt, xlmx, xlsx, xltx)
Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, pot, potx, pps, ppsx, pptm)
Microsoft Outlook (exported .MSG files only)
Microsoft Publisher (pub) Microsoft Visio (vsd, vst)
Adobe Acrobat (pdf)
Adobe Illustrator (ai)
Adobe Photoshop (psd) Adobe Postscript (PS, EPS)

Next version of Scribble will add support for the following:

File Lock/Unlock from Mobile Apps

The Soonr service supports File Lock/Unlock controls from the Soonr Workplace Mobile Apps for Android and iOS beginning with version 3.9 of the mobile apps. Any of the menus that show files on the mobile apps (including Favorites, Recent, and Locked – which is new for version 3.9) shows the file lock status of the file, and allowed actions on the file now include Lock and Unlock options. Please see the release notes for Soonr Desktop Agent version 4.2 for details about the operation of the file lock feature:

Document Management
Windows file system integration

Soonr Workplace folder is integrated with Windows Explorer, Project files that are synched appear in Explorer as local files which can be dragged and dropped into other folder locations, renamed, deleted, or any other action allowed by the native file system. This approach is entirely natural for Windows users and saves a lot of time and cost in larger organizations since it requires no training.

Mac Desktop Integration

Soonr is thoroughly integrated with the Mac UI experience. With new Growl Notifications for file conflicts and file locking, it is easy to keep you up-to-date with file changes. We’ve also added sync status icons that let you know when a file is currently syncing and when it is synced with the Soonr cloud.

Soonr Workplace Folder

The Soonr Workplace Folder is where all of the local synced Projects are kept and accessed easily from your Windows or Mac desktop. Since users work in a variety of ways, the Soonr Workplace Folder can be moved anywhere you like and can also be renamed.

File Lock

Soonr provides the ability to lock files for editing on both Windows and Mac. Files can be locked by a user (depending on edit permissions) for editing which provides notification to other users, and also blocks other users from making changes to the locked file at the same time.

File locking can be configured to be automatic when modifying files in Microsoft Office for Windows. An Office Add-In detects when changes are done to Office documents, and through the agent the file can be locked.

The Soonr Office add-in supports the 3 main office applications: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint (Versions of Office 2003 and earlier not supported on Windows, there is no support for Microsoft Office for Mac).

File Upload/Download from Web browser

Files can be uploaded or downloaded without a client from any Web browser using SSL and Soonr On-line services, allows secure access to user files from any available computer for mission critical business needs.

Upload via email capability

Project files that require synching and access by other team members can be sent to Soonr cloud services by email, allowing mobile workers to upload documents in real time (e.g. just prior to boarding an airplane) allowing work to continue.

Upload multiple flies

Built-in upload tool allows a user to select multiple files at the same time to upload to Soonr cloud services, saving time when working with large number of files.

Built-in Search

As a business grows with its critical information distributed across multiple servers, computers, and mobile devices, as well as its connected partners, finding information becomes a challenging task. With Soonr's all Project files are instantly searchable regardless of their location, even when located on mobile devices whether connected or offline.

Advanced Filtering

Built-in search allows advanced filtering by computer, Project, File type, person, timeframe, and keyword to quickly locate relevant files and folders.


Rendering technology allows viewing of different types of documents on a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device efficiently and quickly without downloading the actual file itself. Soonr's highly optimized rendering capability makes it possible to rapidly view over 50 types of files directly on the device without downloading the document, saving valuable time and bandwidth charges associated with downloading large files such as presentations or multiple images.

Converted Document Types for Offline

Nearly 50 different types of documents are converted including:

Viewing Microsoft: (doc, docm, dot, dotx, docx, xlc, ,xls, xlsb, xlt, xlmx, xlsx, xltx, ppt, pptx, pot, potx, ppx, ppsx, pptm, outlook exported .msg, .pub, .vsd, .vst, .avi, .wmv)
Adobe: (.pdf, .ai, .psd, .ps, .eps, .swf)
OpenOffice: (.odt, .stw, .sxw)
WordPerfect: (.wp5, .wpd, .wpg, .wpg2)
FrameMaker: (.fmv, .mif)
XYWrite: (.xyp)
Lotus: (.wk1, .wk3, .wk4, .wks)
Apple: (.mov, .mp4, .m4v, iWorks files on iOS devices)

Image Formats: (.bmp, .cur, .dib, .rle, .ico, .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, .jpe, .jp2, .gif, .gfa, .png, .svg, .wmf);
Corel: (.cdr); PaintShop: (.psp); MacPaint: (.pntg)

Others: (.csv, .tif, .tiff, .rft, .mpeg, .mpg, .3gp, .ogv, DICOM)

Conversion for iWorks Files

The Soonr service supports conversion to PDF and rendering of Apple iWorks files for Keynotes and Pages. In order to use this feature, Keynote users need to check the “Include preview in document by default” option in the file saving preferences when they’re stored in Soonr.

Once a Keynote or a Pages document that is in a Soonr Project is accessed from an iPhone or an iPad, the converted PDF version is automatically downloaded from the Soonr service when annotation (using Soonr Scribble) is desired.

Create ZIP file with Password Restore

Files can be placed in ZIP folder with password protection for secure sharing of large number of related files or when sending information to outside partners.


Print to any available local or remote printer directly from Soonr. Files are converted to PDF for print services, universal compatibility and accuracy for printing from any modern local, networked, or on-line printer. Page-range print saves time and paper. Email a link to the file to be printed to team members or other 3rd parties for convenience. SMS and email team members or connections for print job status, let users know when jobs are complete, avoid looking or waiting for print jobs and save time.

Web Editing/Commenting

View and comment of any supported file from any Web browser without requiring a native application on the local computer or mobile device. Selected other users can be notified via email and/or SMS.

Integration to Office / iPad Editing

Access, view, download, and edit Microsoft Office files on any iPad Tablet device, save changes to local device (Favorites) and sync with Soonr Cloud and other Team members.

Video and Slideshow Playback

View multimedia files from any Web browser on any computer or supported mobile device as a slideshow or video playback without any 3rd party applications.

eFax Integration

Soonr integrates with eFax allowing any document to be faxed from anywhere, anytime.

Web Editing of Office Documents

Soonr Workplace PRO and Enterprise accounts can be integrated with other cloud services such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 to enable editing of Office files from a browser on the Web. This capability also support multi-user editing, option to edit a document locally, and policy controls to allow Soonr Team Members of the Soonr Team Admin to control how Soonr Workplace is linked with external cloud services.

Sync features
Sync Multiple PCs, tablets, Mobile Devices.

Once installed, Soonr creates a Blue Folder on the computer desktop or the mobile device (iPad or Android tablet) display called "Soonr Workplace" (by default) and copies all Project files and folders into it. Files marked as Favorites on mobile devices (iOS and Android) are stored locally on the mobile device and also synched. All Project files are securely stored locally so that a user may work on Projects while offline. When the computer or the mobile device is connected again, all Project files and folders are automatically synched with email or SMS notifications sent to other Team members of the changes. Sync works across platforms, addressing differences in file- systems.

Sync Individual Projects

Selectively chose and share Project files and folders based on role, comply with security policies dictating only necessary levels of access to internal Team Members of external connections.

Sync List of Available Projects

Allows instant editing and viewing of project lists to sync, quickly and accurately determine accuracy of Project lists.

Sync Selected Folders

User selectable folders for sync for added granularity based on role and policy.

Sync Progress Report

Real time report of sync status in either direction provides service assurance and performance indicators.

Auto Sync on WiFi

User selectable sync mode based on connection type to reduce air time related costs.

Continuous Real-time Backup

Provides backup of critical files and folders in the cloud for redundancy and restoration in the event of file loss or data corruption.

File size limits

Unlimited, up to plan capacity, allows complicated and time consuming workarounds with limitations otherwise, saves time and cost in operational planning.

Backup Speed & Throttling

The upload speed is configurable between 10K bytes/s to 1000K bytes/s (default is 100K bytes /s). There’s no explicit control for download speeds for the agent as this is more of a function of many other network parameters and the agent will download data as fast as possible up to a maximum of 1000K bytes /s. Effective backup rate is 36MB/hr to 3.6GB/hr. Allows users to prioritize other traffic types such as business video or voice calls over background synch operations to minimize impact to workflows and improve user experience.

When connected via a 3G/Cellular network backup speed is limited to 100 kB/s and the user is warned against additional mobile charges due to limited data plans or roaming charges.

Incremental File backup

When a large file is backed up it will not be backed up immediately again if it changes. Over time, the service will not back up more than 500 MB a day for a large file - meaning that a 2 GB file that changes daily will be backed up every 4th day. This reduces unnecessary traffic on the network making it available for other applications and usage costs. Sync operations (for example syncing to your Soonr Workplace folder on your desktop) do not have this limitation, files of any size that are designated for sync are synced immediately but very large files may require longer sync times subject to bandwidth other computing resources from your computer.

Delta Backup

Delta Backup is designed to optimize backing up large files that are modified frequently, like email backup files.

For instance, Microsoft Outlook PST files are constantly changing and always increasing in size. So much so, in fact, that there is a new version to backup before the previous version uploads to Soonr. Because these files may take a day or more to backup, it’s likely that the most current version on your computer may not be the most current version in the Soonr cloud unless you haven’t logged into your outlook account in a while. With Delta Backup, Soonr splits up large files into much smaller chunks, and knows to only send the modified parts to the cloud. Delta Backup applies to computer backup, not to sync, as syncing very large files that change very frequently is generally not a best practice.

Historical Archive and Versioning

Soonr's built-in file versioning eliminates risks of losing important files or changes. Files can be instantly recovered, viewed, and restore to their original location, either one file at a time or the entire folder. The Soonr service will retain hourly versions the last day (24 hours), daily versions the last week (7 days) and weekly versions the last month (up to 31 days) and after that just monthly versions (default 6 months). Versions older than the maximum (default 6 months) are purged from the service.

Deleted File restore

Files and folders that are deleted on the desktop computer are also marked as deleted on the service. Multiple versions of the file are retained as part of the history of the files and can be used to restore a lost or corrupted file. This capability is critical for business continuity, compliance, and security in any organization.

Folder Restore

Entire folders can be restored similar to individual files, saves time and effort in planning for complicated restore strategies.

SMS and Email Notifications

Change and alert notifications to Project files and folders (edits, deletes, etc.) are sent to team members by SMS and email. SMS notifications are delivered to the mobile device allowing users to stay in the loop while away from networked computers or from the office. When working in a Team, file update and comment notifications are instantly received to improve responsiveness to business activities.

WebDav Support

Support for server-side WebDav allows a number of integration scenarios on mobile devices.

Collaboration and Sharing
Online Project Workspace

Easy sharing and collaboration with internal team members or external partners and vendors. Files are organized into projects where Teams can easily access information and work from any location, anytime, on any computer or mobile device, whether connected or offline. Automatic email or SMS notifications mean that everyone is updated on the latest changes.

Sub-Project Sharing

Owners of Projects or other users authorized to re-share Projects, can share only selected folders at the sub-Project level rather than the entire Project with other Team Members of Connections. This is particularly useful if Projects are large and are being synced with many users who require access only to certain parts of the Project, or in cases where documents are being synced to devices with limited storage space (such as smartphones or tablets) where syncing the entire Project may not be desirable.

Granular Sharing Permissions

When Projects or sub-Projects are shared with other Members or Connections, their access permissions can be specified at a granular level. The Soonr PRO and Enterprise Plans allow sharing permissions to follow organizational roles and may be set to read-only, Modify, Create & Modify, and Full Access (including delete).

Copy from Backup to Project

Files and folders from existing Projects or Backup plans can be copied to any other Project to speed new work creation or consolidate different Projects as milestones are changed or dictated by other business logic.

Email File into Project

Files can be emailed into any existing or new Project.

Upload File to Project

Files can be uploaded using and Web browser to an existing or new Project.

Workgroup definition

Define workgroup members using a form page, personal and contact information, roles, access rights, Project membership, and account quota, allows efficient and rapid creation of Team Member and Connection lists.

iPhone Contact Integration

Import contacts into Team or Connection Lists from iPhone Contacts (imported as a CSV file), saves time and duplication effort, reduces mistakes.

Microsoft Outlook Contact Integration

Import contacts into Team or Connection Lists from Outlook Contacts (imported as a CSV file), saves time and duplication effort, reduces mistakes.

Microsoft Office365 Integration

Soonr Workplace can be integrated into Microsoft Office365 as a Cloud Service so that it is available to all Office365 apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from any PC that has a Soonr Desktop agent installed.

Team Member List

Shows photo and easy editing of project team membership.

Team Members can be imported from Active Directory and combined with existing and new Team Members that are created from Soonr. Credentials of Active Directory imported users are managed from Active Directory.


Soonr Groups allows you to create Groups containing team members based on functional organizations (such as Sales, Engineering, Operations, etc.) or other criteria such as geography or project roles. Permissions can be managed on a Group basis, and individuals who are members of a Group can be added as separate shares to a Project with different permissions. All such permissions are combined by the system to determine effective permission policies.

Groups can also be imported from Active Directory and used together with any existing or new Groups that are created from Soonr. Membership of Active Directory imported Groups are managed from Active Directory.

Create Connections

A connection is a person who works on a project but is external to an organization such as a client, supplier/vendor, or a partner. External connections can be created and deleted on demand so that the external relationship is effective and secure. Clients can have instant access to information they need rather than emailing files or making phone calls, improving the timeliness of the information they need, improving their experience and satisfaction with the results, and relieving the organization from having to receive and process customer requests.

Connections are an integral part of your Soonr Team and are crucial to your business. Previously, Connections could only log in to the Soonr Online Interface and mobile apps. Beginning with Soonr Desktop Agent versions 4.1 or later, your clients, partners and suppliers (who are your Connections) can install the Desktop Software and any Projects shared with Connections will be synced to their computers automatically.

Advanced share with timeout

Specify the length of time for a Project, Folder, of File share to be active.

Private sharing (password)

Protect a link with a password to restrict who can open the file even if the link becomes known publicly.

Management and Configuration
Administrative Dashboard (Web based)

Centralized IT oversight and controls. Admin level control of account settings including permissions and privileges for individual team members and connections, for the entire organization, or a specific department. Manage permissions for accessing, viewing, downloading, editing, and sharing of documents. Password protect proprietary or confidential documents and set expiration dates for document access.


Soonr websites can be viewed in English, German, Italian, and French. A language selection button appears on the upper right area of the browser which allows the user to select the language of their choice.

Linked Accounts

Any Soonr user can be a Team Member, Connection, or an Admin in multiple team accounts, using the same user name (e-mail address). For example, a user may be an Admin on one team, a Team Member on another team, and a Connection to a third team. When such a user participates in multiple teams using the same e-mail address, the teams are called “Linked Teams” and the user is able to switch between them from the Web UI through a team pull-down list on the upper right of the screen. A user may also link other Soonr teams that he or she participates in using a different e-mail address to the Linked Team list to enable easy switching between all of his or her teams through the Web UI.

When such Linked Teams exist, one of the teams, usually the first team created, is designated the primary team and this is the team that is shown to the user when logging in from the Web UI. For security reasons, the passwords and policies associated for all Linked Teams are forced by the service to be the same (analogous to single sign-on) to enable switching from team to team without additional authentication steps. However, if one of the teams is using Active Directory for password management, then switching to that particular team always requires re- authentication.

Super-Admin Project Management

The Soonr Enterprise Plan allows a highly privileged role for the Admin which allows access and control of all Projects created by all Team Members, including private Projects and folders, regardless of Share rights or permissions. This role allows IT, Security, and Compliance personnel to conduct audits or forensics on system use when such cases are warranted.

Project Owner Reassignment

This capability allows a Team Admin to re-assign a Project to a different owner. By default, the owner of a Soonr Project is the user who originally created it. The owner has control over all aspects of the Project including sharing and permissions given to others to that Project. When users leave a team, or during routine moves/adds/changes that frequently occur in larger teams, Projects can be assigned to new owners for maintenance or disposition as needed.

Team Dashboard (Web based)

Provides an integrated view of all recent Project activities with links to allow instant and secure access to all files. Comments and changes to Project files made by Team members are listed chronologically together with an easy way to view and access previous versions of documents.

Change Notify by Email

Email change notifications about Project, folder, and file related changes to selected Team Members and Connections.

Change Notify by SMS

Send an SMS about Project, folder, and file related changes to selected Team Members and Connections.

Change Notify by Client Popup

Client Popup notification about Project, folder, and file related changes to selected Team Members and Connections.

MS Active Directory Authentication

Easy account provisioning with default security and permission setting inherited from AD, easy rollout without downtime or additional maintenance of authentication databases, no training.

Two Factor Authentication

Soonr supports two factor authentication in the Enterprise Plan as a Team level policy setting.

Two factor authentication (or 2FA) is an authentication scheme that requires two distinct items to access the service, one is something a user knows, and the other is something the user has.

Most commonly, this will be a username/password combination, and a piece of information that can be obtained from a token or an SMS text message on a user’s phone (Soonr supports the Google Authenticator* soft token in addition to SMS). When the user logs into the service, before access is granted, the service asks for the received 2FA code which must be entered to grant access.

*Google Authenticator implements the time-based One-time Password Algorithm as defined in IETF RFC 6238, and the HMAC-based One Time Password Algorithm as defined in IETF RFC 4226. Various other client applications are available that implement the same logic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time-based_One-time_Password_Algorithm

General Policies

General Policies allow a Soonr Enterprise Admin to set global policies for allowing Public Links, and restricting unlock over-ride to only the Project owner. By default, public links are allowed. Remote Access to computers through installed PC and Mac desktop agents can also be enabled and disabled on a team basis which over-rides individual computer settings through the desktop agent. The Remote Access disable policy is designed for compliance with the security policies of certain types of organizations.

Mobile Device Policies

Mobile Device Policies allow the Soonr Enterprise Admin to set global policies on allowing/disallowing the ability to create content, edit content, and export content to secondary or third party applications on mobile devices. By default, no restrictions on mobile device creation or editing are applied.

Mobile Device Policy settings also allow the Enterprise team Admin to require entering a passcode when the Soonr mobile app is first started on a mobile device, as well as every time a user switches to the Soonr mobile app. Further, the Enterprise Admin can also enable or disable a policy to erase all locally cached app data, including favorited files, after a specified number of failed passcode attempts. The failed passcode threshold can be set between 3 and 10 attempts.

Password Policies

Password Policy settings allow the configuration of password expiration in days, recent password cycle times and interval days, minimum and maximum lengths, character complexity, threshold for failed login attempts before an account is disabled, and other settings. While larger companies may require using Soonr Active Directory integration to manage their user passwords, many other organizations can continue to use Soonr's built-in authentication mechanisms to manage their user and password policies. Soonr allows both mechanism to co-exist, as an example internal team member password policies may be managed using Active Directory and outside Connection password policies may be managed using Soonr.

Session Policies

Session Policies allow the configuration of session timeouts, use of "remember me" options on browsers, display of user source IP addresses on the web UI, and most significantly the configuration of an IP address white list which restricts device IP addresses that can login through a web browser, mobile app, or the desktop agent. The IP white list is a powerful ACL (Access Control List) feature that can be used to lock down access to the Soonr service from only authorized devices.

IP Address Whitelist

The IP Address White List is also commonly referred to as an Access Control List (ACL) in computer networking security terminology. This feature enables the Soonr Enterprise Admin to place restrictions on service login. Specifically, service login can be restricted based upon a combination of the mode of access (browser, mobile app, desktop agent) and the source IP address.

Team and Group Management

Manage Team Members and Connections easily from a single web based console. Team Members and Groups may be imported from Active Directory and managed using the same interface from Soonr that combines Soonr and Active Directory created records.

Online Editing Policies

Soonr Team Admins can control how external cloud services such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 are used to edit documents in Soonr Workplace on-line using a browser, enable/disable linking of external accounts by Team Members, specific white-listed domains for Web editing, and other policies.

Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports are included with the Soonr Enterprise Plan and include detailed audit trails and analytics on the following:

Team Report: Team member management, Group management, Team configuration, Team Branding.

Device Report: Device provisioning, Logins / Failed logins / IP mapping, Desktop agent connects / IP mapping.

Project Report: Project Management, File changes, File comments.

Resource Allocation

Allocate and control resource (quota) use of Team Members and Connections.

Usage Monitor

Monitor quota usage of Team Members and Connections.

Password Override

Change Passwords of Team Members and Connections (Admin privilege) when their status changes or abuse is suspected, meet compliance and security policies.

Data Protection & Security

SAS 70 / SSAE 16 security and availability certification, 99.9% uptime with zero data loss over 6 years, 256-bit encryption during transmission (browser dependent), 256-bit AES encryption in storage, RAID 6 Storage (24 drives/RAID - no loss even if 2 drives fail at the same time), encrypted files are stored in duplicate at 2nd geo-redundant Data Center connected via private secure fiber links.

Data Center Locations

Soonr operates Data Centers in the United States, Canada, and Denmark and is planning further expansion into other regions. Within each region, at least two Data Centers that are physically distanced and isolated from each other provide full redundancy, (geo- redundancy for short) for all data processing and storage operations, ensuring maximum availability and protection against data loss.

Physical Data Center presence in these regions also means that your data does not leave your region, it stays in the US for US based customer and in the EU for EU based customers (in compliance with EU Safe Harbor and EU Country policies), and in Canada for Canada based customers (in compliance with PIPEDA and local regulations).

Integration with Salesforce.com

Soonr Workplace for Salesforce allows Salesforce Teams to use Soonr as a repository for content related to Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities in Salesforce and to access and manage this content using Soonr’s powerful secure file-sharing and collaboration capabilities from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities created in Salesforce are automatically created as Projects in Soonr and any documents that are attached to these records are automatically synced to the Soonr Cloud. Document access, sharing, and management tasks are simple and easy from the Soonr embedded frame that appears in the Salesforce web user interface.

Integration with ConnectWise

ConnectWise is an integrated business management solution for service providers, MSPs, technology consultants, integrators, and developers. Soonr integrates with ConnectWise APIs to provision and manage Soonr Teams. A Soonr partner’s ConnectWise portal can be used to create and manage Soonr Teams.

Soonr Fast Track Cloud Seeding

Soonr Fast Track Service gives you the option to upload your data to the Soonr Cloud by sending to Soonr or to an Authorized Partner a physical hard disk drive (HDD) of your data which we upload on your behalf. Soonr Fast Track accelerates moving large amounts of data into Soonr, typically when a Team account is first created. Bypassing your Internet connection to upload large data volumes is often faster than using your own Internet and less expensive than having to upgrade your Internet connectivity speeds.